Finding Your Feet (12A)

Finding Your Feet

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Director Richard Loncraine and his all-star cast

present what promises to be the breakaway hit

of the year. Imelda Staunton recently claimed that

ageing cinema audiences wished to watch films

with intelligent dialogue that deal with real people,

subsequently trash-talking a stream of recent

let-downs as ‘terrible’ blockbusters which gave

the impression that ‘millions’ were lavished on the

special effects and ‘£4.80 on the script’ (almost a

matinee seat). No finer example then in this delightful

comedy-drama. Here she plays self-proclaimed

‘Lady’ Sandra Abbott who, after forty years of married

middle-England life, discovers her husband has been

having an affair with her best friend. Ditching her

plush Surrey home, she traces her estranged, freespirited

older sister Bif (Imrie) to an inner-London

council estate.

Reluctantly dragged along to a local community

dance class, she is introduced to her sister’s friends

Ted (David Hayman) Charlie (Timothy Spall) and

Jackie (Joanna Lumley). Gradually, she comes to

realise that retirement is in fact only a new beginning,

and that her impending divorce might just give her

a whole new lease of life and love. Unquestionable,

undeniable, unmissable entertainment. (research Chris

Coetsee) With this cast, fun, self deprecating, low key

British humour, is guaranteed. Come.