A Fantastic Woman (15)

A Fantastic Woman

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At the core of this indelibly moving film (Chile’s

entry in the Oscar race for Best Foreign-Language

feature) is a performance of unsurpassing beauty

and tenderness.

A Fantastic Woman is a tough, touching story of

a singer ravaged by grief after the death of her

older lover. The wistful drama follows the journey

of a heroine who has rarely been positioned as a

screen protagonist: a transgender woman. Meet

Marina, played with fire and vulnerability by Chilean

transgender actress Daniela Vega. It begins with her

having to downplay the nature of her relationship

with Orlando and soon escalates into denying that

her dead lover paid her for her companionship.

Orlando’s ex-wife rejects Marina for being abnormal,

snidely referring to her as a “chimera”. Orlando’s

son does far worse, taping her mouth shut and

stealing her dog. Vega brings heart and soul to the

movie’s heroine as she navigates a difficult quest

to make the world accept her as she accepts and

validates herself, and director Sebastián Lelio’s

(Gloria) is with her every step of the way, delivering

a gripping, nuanced character study that humiliates

our ignorance. (research Jack Whiting) Tootsie it ain’t.

Come and see what…