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Steven Spielberg’s new film about Nixon’s attempt to gag the US press remains disturbingly relevant. Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep star as The Washington Post’s editor, Ben Bradlee and its proprietor Kay Graham at pains to and about exposing leaked government lies about the Vietnam War. These where the infamous ‘Pentagon Papers’; and the scoop that paved the way for the Watergate exposé. This cover-up, spanning three decades and four U.S. Presidents, pushed the country’s first female newspaper publisher to join an unprecedented battle between journalist and government. Ever the master storyteller, Spielberg has no trouble drawing you in. As soon as you enter the newsroom you’re hooked. It’s a rousingly watchable film, a true thriller, from first-time screenwriter Liz Hannah.

“The Post is a timely reminder of the struggle between press freedom and Government lies” Peter Greste (Guardian)

“Spielberg's riveting newspaper drama could be subtitled: 'FAO Trump'” (Independent)

“The back and forth of these two acting heavyweights and the subtleties of their differing stances as they wrestle with the magnitude of their decision, is where the film comes alive.” (Empire)

A potential film of the year? On-song and not to be missed now, at the beginning. So don’t.