All the Money in the World (15)

All the Money in the World

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An 86 year old saves a film made by an 80 year old. Wow! Diversity indeed.

The outrageous fortunes and misfortunes of J. Paul Getty (and Ridley Scott’s cool head!) receive a full-blown biographical blowout in this sensational tale of kidnap and ransom.

When a ragtag gang abduct grandson J. Paul Getty III and demand a ransom of $17 million, they quickly realise just who they are up against. Refusing to pay up and unmoved by the despair of his former daughter-in-law, Getty turns to his chief deal-maker Fletcher (Wahlberg) as a hostage negotiator. Does he have his relatives’ best interests at heart, or is he just keeping the price down?

Ridley made worldwide headlines with his decision to replace a disgraced Kevin Spacey with his original more fitting choice: Christopher Plummer, as the billionaire oilman. Pulling off the seemingly impossible; scheduling frantic reshoots over just 12 days to meet the original release date, whilst producing a seamless screenplay? No mean feat. Hats off Ridley. It’s a triumph.

Plummer is gripping, his timing flawless. Both he and electrifying Michelle Williams garnered Golden Globe nominations. Given their performances, Oscars may well follow. Top dollar. (research Chris Coetsee) 52 years later, Capt von Trapp saves the day, again.