Coco (PG)


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Heart and humanity are at the core of Pixar’s latest

creation, a vibrant celebration of Mexican culture.

12-year-old Miguel Rivera has just one passion in

life; to play the guitar. Unfortunately however, Miguel

belongs to a family of humble shoemakers where

music has been forbidden for generations. When

caught stealing the prized guitar of local singing

legend Ernesto de la Cruz, he unwittingly unleashes

a curse, forcing him to travel to the Land of the Dead

where he must seek not only his family’s forgiveness

but also their blessing before being allowed to return

home. Without question the studio’s finest output

since 2015’s Inside Out, Coco represents some of the

Pixar’s most colourful and culturally defined work to

date. A total delight with a sparkling intergenerational

message of family, heritage and the power of music.

“Effortlessly gliding between kid-friendly spectacle

and heart-tugging emotion by way of surrealist

touches and a hilariously specific recurring joke

about Frida Kahlo’s unibrow, Coco is a goofy joy from

start to finish.” (Time Out)

“A rousing, affecting, fun and much-needed return to

form after underwhelming Finding Nemo and Cars

sequels.” (Guardian) (research Chris Coetsee) It may

win gongs, but don’t let that put you off.