Most Beautiful Island (18)

Most Beautiful Island

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Ana Asensio writes, directs and stars in her feature film debut; a prickling and precarious tale of survival in New York.

The opening-credits suggest a story based on true events. While this may be stretching the concept of truth a little, there is an unmistakable sense of realism to this thoughtful thriller, bristling with an authenticity of experience shared by its creator.

Having left her native Spain following a family trauma, Luciana is barely eeking out a living by working two part-time, dead-end jobs in order to scrape together her Brooklyn rent. Increasingly desperate to find a path to financial security and personal fulfilment, she accepts a paid invitation to an exclusive event for Manhattan’s elite. Descending into the depths of an elusive basement, Luciana soon discovers a poisonous warren of objectification and peril beneath the streets of this far from beautiful island.

At a snappy 80 minutes, not a moment is wasted across three spellbinding acts which together present an unmissable parable about how, both underground and above, the land of opportunity can be as ruthless as it is rewarding. (Research Chris Coetsee) Sounds and looks unmissable, so don’t miss.