Battle of the Sexes (12A)

Battle of the Sexes

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Emma Stone serves up a career-best performance

in this glossy but triumphant crowd-pleaser.

Battle of the Sexes tells the story behind Tennis’s

famed 1973 exhibition match between 29 year-old

Billie Jean King (Stone) and 55 year-old hustler

Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) who boasted he could

beat any woman in the world.

Fighting a public battle for women in sport, Billie

Jean also internally wrestles with her sexuality.

Married to her husband Larry (Austin Stowell) she

falls for her female hairdresser Marilyn and finds

herself not only saddled with hiding the affair from

him, but struggling to keep it private from a sporting

community which is not yet ready to openly address

homosexuality. Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris,

the husband-and-wife team responsible for the

Oscar-winning Little Miss Sunshine, expertly bring

to life Simon Beaufoy’s superb script, perfectly

balancing the on-court action with the off-court

drama.More than forty years have passed since

the two stepped up to the net. Some things have

changed, some not. A timely reminder that in the

match for gender equality, it’s only the end of the

first set. (research Chris Coetsee) It may well be a

contender. Don’t miss.