Paddington 2 (PG)

Paddington 2

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Saturday 10 Mar 201814:00 Book Now (LAST FEW SEATS)

Windsor Gardens’ most famous resident returns in

roaring fashion in this delightful seasonal sequel.

Paddington is now living happily as a member of the

Brown Family and is adored by nearly everyone in

the community. With his dear Aunt’s 100th birthday

fast approaching, he decides to get her something

extra special: a unique pop-up book of London.

Unfortunately, he is not the only one looking to get

their sticky paws on the valuable book and when

it is mysteriously stolen, Paddington innocently

falls afoul of a dastardly scheme and is framed for

the theft. Accused of a crime he didn’t commit and

facing jail, the unwaveringly optimistic bear must

clear his name.

A magnificent cast, from it’s loveable leads right

down to one villainous and brilliantly narcissistic

Hugh Grant, truly bring this story to life, ensuring a

wonderful tribute to Paddington’s creator Michael

Bond, who sadly passed away in June.

Utterly sweet and fantastically funny, Paddington

and his pals are sure to steal a heart or two this

Christmas. Come in from the cold and bask in its

warmth. Marmalade sandwiches all round. (research

Chris Coetsee) Fantastic Chris. Great too, to see a

sequel getting past the gainsayers.