Die Hard (15)

Die Hard

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Is there a better way to approach Christmas than to

sit in a big comfy Rex chair, with a glass of this and

that in the company of badass Bruce Willis?

Yes there is but this year it’s Bruce’s turn.

He plays NYPD off duty cop John McClane at

a Christmas party in the Nakatomi skyscraper

headquarters. The party’s over early when a bunch

of ‘terrorists’ led by mastermind Hans Gruber (the

truly magnificent scene-thief Alan Rickman) takes

them all hostage, apart from Bruce of course, who

manages to escape, in little more than a vest,

grubbier by the frame, and confounds the baddies

body by body.

Considered to be one of Hollywood’s great action

movies, Die Hard in 1988 turned Bruce Willis into

the action hero he remains today 30 years later, at

62. Try this: Arnie, Clint and Burt Reynolds where

offered the role, after Frank Sinatra turned it down!

Frank was a renowned scrapper and wise guy, but

Ol’ Blue Eyes’ wrestling, leaping and hitting the

deck hard - in a vest? When ‘they’ finally decided

a balding, chunky, upstart might just be save-theworld

material, they didn’t like the vest…!

Hey, what do they know Harvey.