Call Me by Your Name (15)

Call Me by Your Name

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This absolute peach of a film is both casually paced - like the lazy Italian summer it’s set in - and ferociously intense. It’s rare to find a love story with such sophisticated sensuality.

Based on André Aciman’s novel of the same name; Luca Guadagnino, follows I Am Love, and A Bigger Splash with this story of man meets boy. It’s the summer of ‘83 and Armie Hammer’s architectural academic Oliver has landed an internship with avuncular professor Perlman (Michael Stuhlbarg), and even though he keeps his powder dry while undertaking work on this grand estate, his attentions are snatched by his employer’s son, the precocious, spindly 17-year-old Elio (Timothée Chalamet).

Though the couple are careful to keep their clinches to the shadows, Guadagnino allows his camera a front-row centre seat to the physical blossoming of their burgeoning amour. This is a film about how true love transcends verbal discourse and pulses between star crossed lovers like invisible radio waves.

Beautiful scenery, lots of wine and smoking all wrapped in a sumptuous soundtrack, with songs by the softly spoken Sufjan Stevens. Stay for the credits, the real emotional gut punch lies there. (research Jack Whiting) So don’t leave.