Murder on the Orient Express (12A)

Murder on the Orient Express

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There are moustaches, and then there is Kenneth Branagh’s. His wonderfully distracting, textured facial fluff is the true standout of this flashy, all-star locomotive (and true to Agatha’s original narrative).

We’re no strangers to Agatha Christie’s carriage based mystery; not only TV Poirot’s Ronald Suchet has solved the case, but the 1974 Sidney Lumet/Albert Finney show is no slouch. Branagh brings a fresh lick of 65mm paint to the proceedings.

It is rich in gorgeous colours with a stellar cast that certainly matches Lumet’s in its lustre – with Depp and Pfeiffer particularly suspicious – while the likes of ballet superstar Sergei Polunin, and our very own Dame Judi get little opportunity to strut their stuff. They don’t make too many whodunits like this anymore. But let’s face it, you’re here for the moustache; that epic special effect dwarves the grooming efforts of Finney and Suchet combined; his flowering hedge is a thing of such tortured splendour that it should be up for its own award. So when the film begins to lull, just focus your attention on those bristles. (research Jack Whiting) Peter Ustinov remains the best Hercule P. (Evil Under The Sun 1982) Same yarn different boat.