Thor: Ragnarok (12A)

Thor: Ragnarok

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Third time really is the charm. After a couple of

misguided attempts to bring Thor to the screen,

Marvel has finally given the God of Thunder his due.

The solution? Make it a comedy (one that’s funny).

This version hugely benefits from a complete

tonal one-eighty, thanks to Taika Waititi – the Kiwi

comedian who gave us one of last year’s best

surprises (and a Rex favourite) in Hunt for the

Wilderpeople and an earlier Rex fave: What We Do

in The Shadows.

Chris (triple biceps) Hemsworth once again wields

the mighty hammer, Mjölnir; except he doesn’t.

The Goddess of Death, Hela (wonderfully wicked

Cate Blanchett) big sister to Thor and Loki (Tom

Hiddelston) and all-round harbinger of destruction,

obliterates his tool, and sends the pair hurtling into

the far reaches of the galaxy, as she plots…

It’s Gladiator meets Heavy Metal (minus the breasts)

as our hero finds himself captured and forced to

fight in a galactic arena run by Jeff Goldblum in

vertical blue lipstick.

How will he get back home to save his people?

A certain angry, green friend might be the key. It’s

colourful, daft, and huge fun. (Jack Whiting)

So don’t be sniffy, don’t miss.