Blade Runner 2049 (15)

Blade Runner 2049

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It only took about 30 years for Blade Runner to cement itself as one of the greats; largely ignored upon release. No such qualms here, this is an instant classic.

The same number of years has passed in Philip K. Dick's sci-fi future, we follow LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling) as he tracks and executes rogue 'replicants', originally designed to serve us. These automata, who have developed their own consciousness, simply want to live as we do.  But K soon uncovers a secret that could plunge society into chaos. All the clues lead to Harrison Ford's… Deckard.  

Expanding upon the themes of the original including intimacy; our attachment to memories and how it defines our humanity, 2049 is a philosopher’s wet dream.

Every frame of this mesmerising, meticulous mindbender is a visual feast to gorge on; the dystopian landscapes stretch out from the screen, piercing your eyeballs; the soundtrack is not so much music as a collection of ambient rumbles that perfectly accompany the slick cinematography. It's a slow-burn film noir, and one of the great (non) sequels of our time. (reseach Jack Whiting) If you have, this is not the time to miss it twice. If you haven’t, you will want that ‘wet dream’ over again. Come.