Goodbye Christopher Robin (PG)

Goodbye Christopher Robin

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This year’s highly-anticipated heritage drama doesn’t shy away from depicting the background to the delightful innocence of Winnie-the-Pooh. After the success of ‘Saving Mr Banks’, ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ follows, with a similarly raw sadness behind the magic. Domhnall Gleeson’s performance as author AA Milne is both charming and heartbreakingly convincing. Struggling with PTSD from the trenches, Milne is determined to publish an anti-war piece upon his return from the horrors of the 1917 battlefront, much to the dismay of his wife Daphne (Margot Robbie). It is well known that it is taken from Milne’s son Christopher Robin’s innocent imagination. So, one of Britain’s best-loved tales was created, though the progression from an idea to an international sensation was hardly the fairy-tale it seemed to be. The new found popularity of the fictional sensation turns their lives upside down, causing an uncomfortable family dynamic that threatens the innocence of Christopher Robin that fuelled the fiction itself. Who will protect Christopher Robin’s childhood?

“It’s those dusty shafts of optimistic light that endure, bathing the film in a reassuring glow” (Guardian) (research Grace Atkins) Milne is in the safe hands of Domhnall Gleeson, as are we. Don’t miss a Tigger step.