The Farthest (PG)

The Farthest

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On September 5th 1977, the twin probes Voyager I&II were launched to gather information from deep space. "The Farthest" documents NASA's mission that continues to prove, beyond all expectation, to be extremely influential. The machines were primarily intended to collect data from Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter. But they continued on into vast, deep, forbidden Space.  No stopping them, barring accidents, they are set to keep going for billions of years, even when our sun has become a Red Giant. To put the vastness of such a mission into perspective… in all likelihood, the machines will outlive humanity. Contained inside the crafts lies a Golden Record with images of life on Earth should Voyager be discovered by extraterrestrial life. The importance of the records is chillingly: “It could in the long run, be the only evidence that we ever existed.” (upto 1977? Fantastic! No 80’s music survives). The awe-inspiring scale of the Voyager mission is documented in all it's beauty and intellectual ambition, precariously balancing what we know, think we know and don’t. So too The Farthest doesn't shy from the oldest question on Earth. Are we alone…? Come in God your time’s up.