Top Gun (12A)

Top Gun

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The late Tony Scott, Ridley’s brother, was a great adventure film maker. One of the best and least precious: Days of Thunder, True Romance, Enemy of The State…

Deciding on an uplifting film to fly us into the autumn we came up with this schmaltzy, macho, homo-erotic, gung-ho fluff, now a timeless big screen classic adventure yarn. We looked through the best, entertaining, funny, heart warming, family all-round repeats of our last fourteen years and Tom Gun won the day. We should show it every year!

We have screened it in 70mm now it’s boasting this fab digital re-mastering which claims the detail on the big screen will be crystal clear and the sound full to bursting (apart from macho mumbling) so let’s see. Don’t you think it would have had a real mischief edge, if Tom had been called Goose?

It is feel-good enough to send you off with a happy ending, to pick a fight with sailors on the way home.

Come and have the ‘time of your life’ with us again… 31 years later.

Wow… thirty one years on and Tom looks better than ever and still riding a bike at 120 mph+ without a hat.