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The Jungle Bunch

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Like its squad of pint-sized, crime-fighting underdogs, The Jungle Bunch (Les as de la Jungle) is, in its own way, a sort of cartoon David taking on the Goliaths of Hollywood animation.

The main villain is a koala bear called Igor who is an expert at causing explosions. The hero is a penguin called Maurice who is under the illusion that he is a tiger and likes to paint stripes on himself. His son is a little fish.

For reasons only partly explained, Igor is determined to destroy the jungle. When his first attempt at setting the trees on fire is nearly successful, he is banished to a desert island but he escapes back to the mainland with a metronomic crab as his new accomplice.

The Jungle Bunch is a Saturday morning cartoon stretched to feature length, and is, as you can tell, about as sophisticated as its animation, yet there’s a sincerity to it, and some of its more, shall we say surrealist, elements and off the wall humour will keep adults in their seats. (Jack Whiting)