Logan Lucky (12A)

Logan Lucky

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We knew he wouldn’t stay away for long. Thankfully, Steven Soderbergh comes out of TV retirement with a literal bang in this riotous crime caper.

Rogue charmer Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) is a West Virginia country boy who's just lost a construction gig due to a football injury that left him with a limp. Jimmy drowns his sorrows at a roadside bar run by his brother Clyde (Adam Driver, a deadpan delight) a war vet whose souvenir from Iraq is a prosthetic lower left arm. The siblings hatch a plan to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina on Memorial Day weekend. Having worked the track's underground, Jimmy knows that's where the money is funnelled. For professional help, the Logans turn to an explosives expert aptly named Joe Bang – played by an off-the-chain hilarious Daniel Craig, complete with a blond buzzcut and hillbilly twang.

Soderbergh’s return is a safe one, sure – riffing on his own Ocean’s Eleven formula. Hardly original but the attention to the smallest detail is what makes this heist flick outstanding, adding yet another hit to his versatile resume. Welcome back to the big screen Mr Soderbergh, where you belong. (research Jack Whiting) Wit-sharp. Don’t miss.