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American Made

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It's been over a decade since Tom Cruise headlined a movie like this. One which isn't beholden to franchise expectations, but one where his charm can actually become the crux of the tale.

‘Based On A True Lie’, American Made is a biographical comedy about a pilot, Barry Seal (Tom Cruise). Barry is a bit like UPS for illicit cargo; if it absolutely has to get there overnight and it’s illegal, Barry is your guy. He doesn't care much about what he's transporting, whether it be guns for the CIA, or drugs for the cartel. He's extremely reliable, and who doesn’t like/want/need reliability?  

Involvement in a CIA scheme then turns Barry into a smuggler, informant, patriot and one of the richest men in 1980s America, running crates of AK-47s and kilos of cocaine, which also happens to cement him as a key figure in the Iran-contra affair.

Fab director Doug Liman, who is just as comfortable handling the indie gems (Go, Swingers) as he is with the big hitters (Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow) is the perfect candidate to tell this story with just the right level of irreverence. (research Jack Whiting) Good words on Tom and Doug. Well said, Jack.