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Atmoic Blonde

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Baby Driver isn't the only perfect marriage of soundtrack and action this year, Atomic Blonde takes synth sounds of the '80s to hypnotic heights.

One half of the director combo for John Wick drops Charlize Theron into East Berlin at the tail end of the Cold War and the last days of the Wall, in a spy romp that aims for John le Carré but gets closer to Jason Bourne. Theron is Lorraine an MI6 lorraine indeed. She makes life hell for her handlers (Toby Jones and John Goodman). They need her to stop a secret list of undercover double agents from falling into the usual wrong hands. Something goes wrong along the way however (otherwise why bother). Enter James McAvoy as a twitchy secret agent with the usual past.  

If you're not here for the fight sequences? They're astonishingly good. From a beating-up (and down and inside-out) involving Theron's stiletto heel and a thug's jugular vein, to a climactic free-for-all in a swanky hotel suite where soundtrack: 99 Luftbaloons accompanies every gunshot and gut-punch. Atomic Blonde is every bit as sexy, slick, and silly as its title. (Jack Whiting)

Sounds like fun, then there’s always Toby Jones… to save any film.