Planet of the Apes 3 (12A)

Planet of the Apes 3

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All hail Caesar! This thundering addition to an already consistently brilliant trilogy brings the ape conflict to a richly satisfying close (thank the sweet Lord).

The story of Caesar (Andy Serkis) is the one that began in Rise; continued in Dawn, and is perhaps one of the most emotionally rich and satisfying character arcs in modern cinema. He just happens to be a primate. It goes to show the singular vision of writers and director Matt Reeves and Andy Bomback alongside Andy Serkis’ commitment to performance capture.

As War kicks off, humans have been left decimated by a virus and apes have only grown stronger, brighter and more vocal, forming their own society. Caesar and his tribe want to live in peace, but there's vengeance in the air. The Colonel (Harrelson, leaning on Marlon's nutjob Kurtz in A Pox On The Lips Now) is hell-bent on simian genocide.

It's a magnificent spectacle, one worthy of, dare I say it, the great David Lean..? (No Jack you daren’t) Ok, in mega-budget spectacle terms, it reaches heights of which its (cash-monkey franchise) rivals can only dream. (research Jack Whiting)

How do such bad ideas ever get made first, to curse us with 49 years more…?