Diary of a Wimpy Kid. (U)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

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A bit like when Home Alone 3 was the first one without Macaulay Culkin, the change of casting for this installment may feel a little strange to begin with.

Kids grow up yet franchises must go on, so here we are with the fourth(!) film in the series which subs in a new wimpy kid (Greg Heffley is now played by Jason Drucker), annoyed at the prospect of a family road trip in which mum (Alicia Silverstone, but with glasses) has banned “all electronic devices”. Mixing the diary approach and the road trip structure means story is light, and it’s left to the characters to work their way through a series of scrapes. Think the recent Vacation reboot, but better.

Kids may be able to relate to Greg’s plight, and a silly joke about him becoming a meme called “Diaper Hands” induced a loud giggle, though parents may roll their eyes at the visceral, gross-out quality of the comedy.

For adults the 90 minutes will feel like a long haul indeed. (Jack Whiting)