Rock Dog (PG)

Rock Dog

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Not to be confused with Rock Lobster – the 1979 new-wave super hit - Rock Dog is a bit like Footloose with animals.

Luke Wilson voices the puppyish dude who relinquishes a life guarding sheep from mafia-style wolves and heads with his guitar to the big city, where he meets pop-god Angus Scattergood (Eddie Izzard).

After finally wearing his father (J.K. Simmons) down, Bodi’s journey from the snowy climes of Stone Mountain to the urban environment is made with the intention of meeting Scattergood. Living a solitary existence in a big white house with only a robot butler for company, the musical moggy (dressed all in black and also sporting Izzard’s signature red nails) has little time to deliver a new single to his record label or risk being dropped. Luckily for the stressed kitty, a talented, eager pup has just arrived on his doorstep.

The definition of ‘rock’ here seems to be winsome be-yourself ballads with a smattering of acoustic guitar. So anyone hoping for heavy riffs might want to just put on some Black Sabbath CDs instead. (Jack Whiting) Sounds nuts so come.