Wonder Woman (12A)

Wonder Woman

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Move aside Batman, Superman. In fact all male super-heroes can step down; Wonder Woman’s the new crusader sans cape.

The radiant Gal Gadot slips perfectly into the gold bangles as Diana of Themoscyra, Princess of the Amazons; crafted from clay and brought to life by Zeus himself.

Yes it sounds silly, but director Patty Jenkins has stuck close to the nearly eighty-year-old source material, resulting in campy fun along the lines of Christopher Reeves-era Supes.

She’s thrust into the 'world of men' when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) an American spy fleeing from German soldiers during World War I, enters her land. She believes Ares the god of war, is behind the great conflict and agrees to aid Steve and the allies, leading her to 1918 London where the fish-out-of-water antics begin (the locals aren't fashion-forward enough for Diana's thighs). She soon finds herself in the trenches and on the frontlines, and it's here the gleaming red and gold costume is donned, artillery is deflected, and arses are kicked. (research Jack Whiting) “Remotely feminist? She is little more than a male bondage fantasy, trussed up in (not much) leather with sexy role-play manacles as indestructible weapons.” (Camilla Long ST Culture) It’s a silly BlockB. It has no other label.