My Cousin Rachel (12A)

My Cousin Rachel

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Rachel Weisz is perfectly cast as the desirous older woman in Roger Michell’s moody black-widow mystery.

Orphaned as a young boy, Philip (Sam Claflin) is taken in by his cousin Ambrose at his Cornish estate, the two forming an inseparable bond. After health complications sees the elder Ambrose take frequent vacations to Italy during the harsh English winter months, Phillip unexpectedly receives a letter from him telling of a wonderful woman he's met and married (Rachel).

As Ambrose's letters begin to sour over the ensuing months, Philip’s suspicions are aroused and he hastily journeys to be at his cousin’s side. Arriving at the idyllic villa, he is shocked learns that Ambrose has died and Rachel has mysteriously vanished.

Upon his return to England, he is stunned to discover Rachel has followed him. With the vast estate left to him in his cousin’s will, Phillip struggles to balance suspicion and infatuation as he looks to uncover the true motive of his enigmatic new house guest.

The second film adaptation of the Daphne Du Maurier 1951 novel, channels a Hitchcockian level of anxiety from the off, leaving little room for breath before its darkly delicious build up. (Research Chris Coetsee)