Manhattan (12A)


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This is Woody Allen’s rapturous, poignant, romantic comedy about the fretful life of an obsessive TV writer. In those days Allen put himself at the centre of all his films. Here we find him worrying over his current, ex-girlfriend and future women (Hemingway, Streep and Keaton).

His hypochondria and his contemplated switch to serious literature cause no end of inner turmoil. Above all the film is a declaration of love for the cerebral life and fashion of the gleaming glass of Manhattan Island towering over the Hudson. Set to Gershwin and filmed in silvery widescreen monochrome by Gordon Willis, it is a cinematic masterpiece of its time, in a minor key. If you can stand Woody you’ll love it. If you can’t, but decide to come to see what all the fuss is about, you may have to admit it is a classic, however indulgent… Come and see, then decide.