The Levelling (15)

The Levelling

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Hope Dickson Leach’s emotionally-charged debut feature is a powerful, poignant take on grim rural reality.

Ellie Kendrick plays Clover Catto, a trainee vet who returns to her family farm in the wake of her brother’s tragic suicide. Upon arrival, it soon becomes clear that her stubborn, ex-military father Aubrey (David Troughton) is determined to soldier on regardless and refuses to truly acknowledge what has happened, shutting her out in the cold.

Amidst a flood-ravaged Somerset of 2014/15, Clover gradually discovers the details of her brother’s death and the truth about the state of the family business. As old resentments rise to the surface, she struggles to unravel a web of mystery, misery and repressed emotion.

Dickson Leach masterfully uses the bleak countryside as a backdrop for exploring The Levelling’s central themes of guilt and grief, whilst both Kendrick and Troughton deliver superb individual roles, which truly capture a family core at its most vulnerable.

“A modestly scaled, superbly crafted drama.” (Times)

“It may sound bleak, but there is such life and compassion in every frame that the film's tune turns to a song of love.” (Observer) (research Chris Coetsee) Beautifully written Chris, as is the film.

So don’t miss.