Going in Style (12A)

Going in Style

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Unsurprisingly, age-centric gags about not being able to get out of chairs, mobility scooter chases, old folk taking drugs and OAPs in the underworld are the order of the day. Echoing Hell or High Water by way of Last Vegas and a bit of Ocean’s Eleven, Michael Caine is Joe, he's at war with a New York bank that has tripled his mortgage payments. His best buds, Willie (Freeman) and Albert (Arkin) are also mad as hell, given that the steel company they slaved for is dissolving their pensions. Together they play boules, eat pie and try to guess when they are going to peg it. It's then that Joe has the not so bright idea of holding up their local banks.

The codgers watch Dog Day Afternoon as primer in what not to do, enlist the services of a professional thief and resort to being adorable when all else fails, which it does, quite often and they do grow in the adorable dept.

It’s not original, nor particularly clever, but the geriatric slapstick tickles. You could do a lot worse than kick it with these three loveable oldies. (research Jack Whiting) We’ll show anything, for ever, where Alan Arkin turns up.