A Quiet Passion (12A)

A Quiet Passion

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Acclaimed reclusive and rebellious mid-19th-century Massachusetts poet Emily Dickinson is powerfully portrayed by Cynthia Nixon in Terence Davies sumptuous drama.

Dickinson was never afforded much acclaim while she was alive and like most great writers she only became a household name after her death. Nixon’s portrayal as the insecure and rebellious character triumphs, demonstrating a lifestyle according to values and beliefs that simply did not exist in 19th Century American society.

Her steadfast and subversive attitude were not met with the strength of a Jane Austen heroine, but a resounding doubt that ultimately denigrated her public persona into a seedy outcast.

Rich in period detail, this exquisite biopic resonates for the truth and beauty-starved American populace of today.

“Arguably Terence Davies' most profoundly personal film since Of Time and the City.” (Sight and Sound)

“In its depiction of physical pain, the film rekindles memories both of Bergman's Cries And Whispers and of the death scene in Davies's own Distant Voices, Still Lives.” (Independent)

“Davies takes what is known of the poet's life and turns it into a series of carefully poised dramatic tableaux.” (Screen International) (Chris Coetsee) Beautiful, agonising and brilliant. Don’t miss it.