Rules Don't Apply (12A)

Rules Don't Apply

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Sunday 28 May 201718:00 Book Now

Warren Beatty helms this wishful, wistful tale which pays a heartfelt tribute to the Hollywood of a bygone era.

Amongst the glitz and glamour of late 50’s L.A, Marla Mabrey (Collins) is one of a hoard of contract actress working for billionaire producer Howard Hughes (Beatty). Her new driver, Frank (Ehrenreich), instantly falls for the pretty starlet and together they break Hughes cardinal rule: under no circumstances can a gentleman in his employment date a contract actress. Evading the iron-hand and eagle eyes of their boss, the two star-crossed lovers must try to make a life for themselves whilst battling to survive in the cruel world of showbiz.

Boasting a who’s who of acting talent, Rules Don’t Apply certainly feels like a product of the world’s most famous entertainment industry, and Beatty’s lavish period production echoes fond memories of the filmmakers early acting days, a throwback to the last waltz of Hollywood’s Golden Era.

“It’s fitting in a way that one of the key forces behind New Hollywood, the movement that overturned the old studio system, should go out in the guise of one the last true moguls.” (Guardian) (research Chris Coetsee) Give Warren one more chance…