Their Finest (12A)

Their Finest

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A movie within a movie: one mostly comic, the other mostly dramatic; Their Finest

comments on the futility of war, the flexibility of truth, the sorcery of film and the sexism of man. Wow… and all in one mainstream film - with Bill Nighy!

Gemma Arterton plays Catrin Cole, a young copywriter during the Blitz who, at the outset, is offered a job by the Ministry of Information’s Film Division to bring a female perspective to its popular propaganda shorts that ran between features at cinemas. “Obviously we can’t pay you as much as the chaps,” says her soon-to-be supervisor (Richard E Grant) after making the proposal.

After being assigned to co-script a project centred around the Battle of Dunkirk, Cole immediately begins to butt heads with crabby fellow screenwriter Buckley (the average Sam Claflin) who can’t seem to accept that he has to work alongside a woman. He of course soon morphs from callous to swoon-worthy, eventually taking a keen romantic interest in his colleague.

It's a fab period piece, and Gemma Arterton is gorgeous as always, but the more than always gorgeous, charming, joyous and gloriously himself Bill Nighy; saves the day and the film. (research Jack Whiting) Perfect. Don’t miss.