The Boss Baby (U)

The Boss Baby

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Saturday 20 May 201714:00 Book Now

Alec Baldwin has had a killer run mocking the current US president. Now his talents are put to the test gifting his snark to a newborn.

On the plus side you get Baldwin in comic beast mode, voicing a suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying baby who is resented by his seven-year-old brother Tim for tyrannically imposing his corporate-style rule on the household, while poor Ma and Pa T. (Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel) find their waking hours monopolised. The Trumpian tiny-ness of his hands is periodically shown up when he attempts a handshake or a fistbump.

There's a reason behind all this, something about a conglomerate called Puppycorp trying to corner the market on cuteness and only Boss can keep the natural adorability pecking order intact, but who's kidding who; this is an excuse for the actor to trot out his best ‘30 Rock’ inflections and spout CEO wisdom whilst in toddler form.

None of it makes any sense, yet Baldwins gravelly tones and on-the-ball timing is like a nappy that holds the mess together. (Jack Whiting) It sounds like an ugly Toy Story.

It’s being talked about, come and see why.