The Sense of an Ending (15)

The Sense of an Ending

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Ritesh Batra’s follow-up to award-winner The Lunchbox is a symphony of mystery with Jim Broadbent masterfully conducting every scene.

Broadbent plays Tony Webster, a grouchy and embittered retiree and divorcee whose relatively stable relationship with his heavily pregnant daughter Susie is one of the few positives to blossom from an otherwise turbulent marriage.

When Tony is unexpectedly bequeathed an ill-fated diary from the mother of his first love Veronica (Rampling) he slowly reveals the buried secrets of his youth to astonished ex-wife Margaret. Painful memories of the past are brought to the surface as old feelings of jealousy and resentment begin to stir once more.

Adapted from Julian Barnes’ Booker-winning novel of the same name, this is a film which champions its literary roots whilst squeezing every drop from its stellar leading duo.

“What begins as a nostalgic and humdrum family drama grows more and more compelling the darker it becomes.” (Independent)

“With his very nicely judged performance – lugubrious, droll, self-pitying and slightly scared, Broadbent controls the pace and tone of every scene, and the film as a whole.” (Guardian) (Research Chris Coetsee) Forget the masterclass, come for passion which bleeds and oozes from old aching hearts.