Ghost in the Shell (12A)

Ghost in the Shell

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Slick, shiny, and very cyberpunk; prepare your eyeballs, this one's a real stunner, and I don't just mean porcelain-skinned Scarlett Johansson.

Johansson is Major, an android with a human brain (think RoboCop with curves) she's tasked with investigating hackers and cyber-criminals in a future where terrorism can mean planting false memories into citizens’ digitally enhanced brains, or even turning them into puppets. (Wow… that’s a bit too close to now!)

Unfortunately Ghost in the Shell 2.0 dumps the philosophical components of the groundbreaking manga; it doesn't help that everything worth adapting has already been mined by other films (from The Matrix to Ex Machina). So what's left to enjoy here? Well, it's certainly more mainstream friendly; having been stripped down to Bourne Identity with robots - a straightforward, no frills amnesia thriller that chugs along at a decent pace.

This version, then, leans on the strengths of Johansson's steely gaze - with Lucy, Her, and Under the Skin, she's used to playing these types by now. And she really nails it, captivating throughout. (research Jack Whiting) Come and see.