Lion (PG)


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Eight-year-old overnight sensation Sunny Pawar steals the show in Garth Davis’ biographical heart-wrencher.

Pawar plays five-year-old Saroo, the youngest of a humble family from Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. When he is unwittingly whisked away, by train, from all that he knows, he finds himself alone, thousands of miles from home left stranded, to wander the dangerous labyrinths of Calcutta. Flash-forward 20 years and a now adult Saroo, haunted by distant memories, desperately seeks the truth behind his forgotten past.

Ultimately a film of two halves, Lion’s true strength lies in the strikingly raw performance from its youngest star, elevating the first chapter of this remarkable true story. Dev Patel’s unfaltering performance then deftly captures the angst of central character Saroo, while supporting turns from Rooney Mara and Nicole Kidman lend added emotional weight throughout the second act.

A crowd favourite at this year’s Oscars, Lion is inspirational storytelling in its boldest sense, taking you on an emotive odyssey before knocking you back with a climatic roar. (Research Chris Coetsee)

“A heartfelt film combining intelligent attention to detail with a necessary sense of the story’s simplicity and strength.” (Guardian) Come and see and be rapt.