Patriots Day (15)

Patriots Day

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Mark Wahlberg wears his badge with pride in Peter Berg’s tense account of the Boston Marathon bombing.

What had started as a day of celebration ended in a whirlwind of chaos and tragedy. As news of what had happened spread like wildfire, the eyes of the world turned to the stricken state capital

as a city-wide manhunt for the perpetrators began.

Wahlberg plays Tommy Saunders, a Police Sergeant who finds himself in the midst of the catastrophe. As a city comes together, Tommy joins the many first responders, emergency officers and valiant survivors at the heart of the scene. Facing an anxious race against time, Saunders and the Boston Police Department prepare to hunt down the bombers before they can carry out another attack.

Berg’s choice to have a fictional hero lead the line has certainly been Patriot Day’s most controversial talking point, but there is no doubt that Saunders is intentionally symbolic of Boston’s true heroes on the day, and it’s to them that this film pays its respects.

“A moving and compelling homage to a city and its spirit, as well as a gripping procedural.” (Guardian) (Research Chris Coetsee) Run for the box office.