LEGO Batman Movie (U)

LEGO Batman Movie

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It's down to the ingenuity of the folks behind this bonkers film that they've managed to craft one of the best on-screen versions of Batman. Christian and Ben, eat your capes.

It's also the best feature to come out of the DC stable since Nolan capped his Dark Knight trilogy with a bang. Batman (Will Arnett) is confronted by the Joker, the surprisingly sensitive arch-villain who wants the Caped Crusader to admit that they "complete" each other. He must recruit the help of a wide-eyed Robin to save the day.

Every possible bat-related joke and pun you could think of is crammed into this unstoppable, ninety minute candy rush. Aside from the obvious sight gags, there is genuine nuance to be found as it pokes fun at the entire Batman cinematic run, from Adam West camp to Tim Burton brooding. There is literally a joke-per-second rate so thick and fast that if you haven't recovered immediately from the last joke, you wont have enough time to chortle at the next. And I'm talking about the parents. (research Jack Whiting). A ridiculous, ingenius masterpiece. Not sure the kids will get it, dads will have all the fun.