Hidden Figures (PG)

Hidden Figures

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Empowerment at full-thrust in Theodore Melfi’s feel-good bio-flick.

With the Cold War looming on the horizon, the United States and the Soviet Union are locked in a fierce battle to be crowned victor of the Space Race. Joining proceedings at Langley, and as tensions continue to rise, three patient and patriotic African-American women sit just out of the limelight.

Focus soon shifts however when Katherine Goble (Henson) a former mathematical child prodigy, is assigned to work under Al Harrison (Costner) and his team of male engineers who are coordinating the flights of first American astronaut in Space, John Glenn.

Faced with repeated attempts at racial humiliation, Katherine, with help of her two best friends Dorothy (Octavia Spencer) and Mary (Janelle Monáe) strives onwards, continues to commit to the project and with the brilliance of her mathematical calculations finds herself at the centre of the mission.

Having already rocketed to success stateside, Hidden Figures proves to be far more than just an inspirational history lesson, doing justice to a trio of wrongfully ignored figures and tipping the scales of praise rightfully back in their favour. (research Chris Coetsee) This is by far the most enjoyable film on the ‘Diversity’ circuit. Don’t miss.