Moonlight (15)


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Barry Jenkin’s immensely powerful coming-of-age drama hits lunar heights.

Moonlight follows Chiron, a young black boy from a rough neighbourhood in Miami. Struggling to deal with his mother Paula's crippling drug addiction alongside coming to terms with his sexuality, he squarely faces the toils of self-discovery as he tirelessly searches for his place in the world.

As he witnesses a series of transformations in his life, the film’s central narrative is divided into three defining chapters, each detailing an important fragment of Chiron’s character as he progresses through childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Both Barry Jenkins’ script and direction conjure feelings of romance and wistfulness, masterfully balancing the two not only with skill but subtle precision and offering a refreshing if haunting perspective on today’s society.

Boasting an impressive and ever expanding list of accolades, this is one of the must-sees of Oscar season.

“Moonlight takes the pain of growing up and turns it into hardened scars and private caresses. This film is, without a doubt, the reason we go to the movies.” (Time Out)

“An indelible portrait of an imperilled life, "Moonlight" is a devastating depiction of masculinity, race and identity.” (Screen International) (research Chris Coetsee). Another for the don’t miss dept.