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Rebecca Hall delivers a mesmerising performance in Antonio Campos’ haunting biographical drama.

Hall portrays Christine Chubbuck, a restless 29 year old television reporter working in Florida. Frequently at odds with her boss Michael (Letts), whose constant berating of her journalism stifles any chance of advancement in her career, her mental state slowly deteriorates as the problems in her personal and professional life begin to mount up against her.

Set at a time when America was awash with the Watergate scandal and media correspondence was acquiring an unprecedented celebrity status, Christine expertly highlights the social and emotional pressures associated with a job in an increasingly cut-throat business.

To tackle such a difficult subject so sensitively is indicative of Campos’ quality and he thoroughly deserves the plaudits, crafting a heartbreakingly true story, which sadly demonstrates that sometimes people are able to triumph over the odds and sometimes they’re not.

“The film's compassion towards Chubbuck emanates from a star turn of huge sensitivity: Hall's version of her is a crumbling person, not a concept.” (Telegraph)

“A dark, hypnotic, unsettling experience.” (Guardian) (research Chris Coetsee)

Rebecca Hall is the safest young female star to properly embrace non-showy, no-join, acting in every detail on any screen.