Ballerina (U)


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It’s 1879 in rural Brittany and one young girl can’t get the big stage out of her mind. Félicie (Elle Fanning) leads a simple life as an orphan living in the country, but has dreamed of being a ballerina all her tiny orphaned life. Determined not to let her lack of anything hold her back, Félicie decides to flee everything she holds dear for the unfamiliar bright lights and city sights of Paris. She is alienated and frightened but passionate about ‘la danse’. By assuming the identity of a pampered city girl, she becomes a ballet student at the Grand Opera House. The training is rigorous and the jeers of  ‘You will always be nothing’ from the usual ‘ballet bitches’ prove even harder to conquer. With help from her friends Victor (Dane DeHaan) and Odette the caretaker (Carly Rae Jepsen) Driven now, Félicie shows she can do it, and dreams really do come true. It's a cheesy moral, but the stunning visuals and foolish charm of the central characters certainly compensate for what might be lacking in the plot. (research Grace Atkins) “A cheesy moral”? Never, this is Disney, where dreams always come true… and it’s fabulous.