It's A Wonderful Life (U)

It's A Wonderful Life

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Welcome to our 12th anniversary Christmas, with the same old irresistible film we’ve been showing since the Rex re-opened in December 2004. It was a flop at the box office when it first appeared in 1946. After the war, the USA celebrated the brave new world with fashion, cars and fridges. We had bombed sites, functional clothes, cold water, rations, war debts and the grey 1950’s but with essential, fabulous and much missed city trams. It became essential TV viewing in the UK during the mid 70s, so a new part of Christmas itself. You couldn’t see it at the pictures until independents got it re-released eighteen years ago. Now thanks to the BFI, this beautifully restored digital copy, is here again at the beautiful mechanically restored Rex and Odyssey for Christmas 2016. Our cinema Christmas would not now be the same without Clarence (angel 2nd class) showing George Bailey how terrible life would be in Bedford Falls, had he not been there. The simplest and best of all messages… Without each other… etc. We wish you a warm Christmas from all of us at the Rex and Odyssey. Have fun, go easy and here’s to a George Bailey future for our grandchildren.