Moana (PG)


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Amidst the lush green rainforest and bubbling volcanoes, Disney crafts a heartfelt tale of adventure that doesn't feel recycled from Frozen! 16 year old Moana (Auli‘i Cravalhowhojnk) sets out to save her home island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean from the curse laid upon it by the demi-God Maui (a critically acclaimed Dwayne Johnson! Imagine that). Moana is soon to take over from her Father as Island chief, yet despite repeated warnings to stay out of mischief, she can’t ignore the beckoning of the sea. The young princess sets out on a quest to restore the island to its former glory and her people to peace once more. Whilst the musical numbers are a classic family-friendly Disney, the film doesn’t lack stylistic attention to detail, including Maui’s tattoos taking on a hand-drawn narrative of their own (odd, but a surprisingly nice touch). The fiery personality of the young princess, combined with the absence of a love interest, fuels a moral behind the excitement. It is currently taking the US Box Office by storm.

"Eye-watering visuals, earworm songs and heart-swelling messages about respect for the past and hopes for the future." (Guardian) (research Grace Atkins) Sounds Fab. Bring the street.