The Polar Express (U)

The Polar Express

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Thursday 21 Dec 201714:00 Book Now (LAST FEW SEATS)
At its best, Polar Express is a heart-in-the-mouth, fantastical spooky adventure (as Christmas ghostly tales often tell). Spectacular on the big screen, with a happy ending. At its worst, little ones (under 8s) will be thrilled here and there, but a little frightened by the clever (if spooky) realistic detail of the animation, and other strange stuff. When a doubting boy boards an extraordinary train, on his doorstep, to find Father Christmas, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Polar Express, with its eye-popping animated photo-realism (this is one of those spooky bits) tells a story, based on Chris Van Allsburg’s best seller. Tom Hanks is the voice (and unfortunate face and ‘spook’) of ‘The Conductor’ who stays in charge, keeps it safe but lets the children make up their own minds about each other. It is an odd, quasi-religious tale of tolerance, discovery and redemption. Hold little ones tight and they’ll be alright. You might need somebody to hold you too! Remember: every fairy tale takes its beloved heroes on stupid adventures, gets them into deep trouble, then gets them out of it again to… happily ever after. Never mind all that. Take a deep breath and come for the fabulous heart leaping ride.