Love Actually (15)

Love Actually

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Wednesday 27 Dec 201719:30 Book Now
This very silly tale has been requested by our own very silly youngsters. So here it is; one more nail in the Christmas coffin. Don’t call the Samaritans. If this doesn’t tip you over the edge, you’re safe for another year. Richard Curtis has dragged all his old mates plus a few new faces into this award winning farce. Hugh Grant would never have got the job as Prime Minister in Harold Wilson’s day. Here, Hugh is in love with his tea lady, while Harold alledgedly preferred the designer of his mac. I’m with Mr Wilson. Anyone can make tea, but a woman who knows her Ganex from her Burberry, well... With a cast of near Spartacus proportions, this flimsy tale boasts intrigue, ‘embroiled in various overlapping tales of love and woe’. With the emphasis on the lurve, not the actually and with just enough woe to inject a spark of conflict, but no depth, we bring you ‘Love Actually’. You can escape the family, or bring them with you to sit in the dark for an hour or so. It will be good practice for having nothing to say to each other for four days… Happy Christmas.