The Graduate (15)

The Graduate

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It takes about three minutes in, roughly the time it takes Dustin/Benjamin to get down the moving walkway to S and G's Sound of Silence to realise that The Graduate might be a rather nasty little tale. Hence, so very funny, with a fabulous soundtrack.

First timer Dustin Hoffman, is Benjamin [get used to the name, you’ll be as sick of it as he is by the end] has had enough education for a lifetime, but that doesn’t stop his elders from projecting their myopic future hopes onto him. ‘One word Benjamin’ [long pause] “Plastics”. With his stiff posture and frequently whimpering utterances, Benjamin comes off as the ultimate brooding nebbish, hardly the star athlete everyone says he is. He’s a forlorn imposter in his own life, which makes him a prime target for gloomy Real Housewife of LA County:

Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft).

“Painful yet very funny. The infamous seduction sequence allows Hoffman a twitching realistic terror, further exacerbated by the almost knockabout humour of the first hotel liaison (Are you here for an affair, sir ?)” (Empire)

So here's to you Mrs. Robinson… You certainly cut a swathe through Hollywood's middle-class American value system at the end of the 60s. Do Not Miss.