Frozen & Olaf's Frozen Adventure (PG)

Frozen & Olaf's Frozen Adventure

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Saturday 25 Nov 201714:00 Book Now

Just when you thought the shrieking tones of millions of kids screaming Let It Go had finally silenced, we're delighted to inflict the torture all over again.

While we're waiting on that eventual and inevitable full-fat Frozen sequel, here's a reminder of where the phenomenon began. Having been forced to isolate herself because of her icily magical powers, Princess Elsa shuns her sister Anna's attentions for fear that she may harm her. But when an outbreak of eternal winter sends Elsa into exile, Anna is in hot pursuit, aided by (among others), Olaf. Speaking of the lovable snowman, he gets his own mini adventure in this wonderful little spinoff. Aided by Sven (the clumsy reindeer from the film), Olaf must venture out of the icy kingdom and bring back with them the tradition of Christmas to the two sisters.

Unlike the main feature, the short has no shame in directly channeling the spirit of the holidays; with new songs to learn, and plenty of Christmas cheer, it's a perfect way to kick-start the winter season. (Jack Whiting)