Amelie (15)


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Audrey Tatou dishes out loaves of Parisian joie de vivre in her breakout performance as a mender of broken hearts.

When Montmartre waitress Amélie Poulain sets out to reunite a dusty box of toys she has found with its original owner, her act of kindness reaps such gratitude that she decides her new mission in life will be to bring joy to all she meets. A simple enough premise, sure. But what could have become a cloying, soft-focus self-indulgence binge is still director Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s best loved and most accessible work.

With Parasite sweeping this years’ awards season, it’s hard to remember just how subtitle-wary an audience we were at the turn of the millennium. A runaway, word of mouth hit, Amélie opened the door to world cinema that little bit wider and ushered in a new era of French film.

Now at almost 20 years, it remains one of the most uplifting movies of the 21st Century. If snappy visuals, tangy colours, mood-drenched scenery and a good-hearted heroine make you as happy as a box of Parisian chocolates, it's definitely time for a revisit. (Research Chris Coetsee)