Robin Hood (12A)

Robin Hood

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A war-hardened crusader and his commander mount an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown. With machine gun crossbows.

Described as a dark, revisionist prequel to the historical story, this is a hyper-stylised, hyper-explosive retelling of English folklore’s best loved legend.

Taron Egerton stars as Robin of Loxley, a highborn nobleman returning to Nottingham from fighting the Crusades for God and Country, only to find his lands seized by the Sheriff (the great face of very nasty baddies: Ben Mendelsohn). Disgusted, he vows revenge. Under the mentorship of mysterious ally John (Jamie Foxx) he secretly operates as The Hood, a master thief and vigilante who will stop at nothing in his effort to relieve Nottingham and it’s people from the Sheriff’s grip.  

Similar in tone to last year’s King Arthur revamp, Robin Hood has dragged it’s source material unapologetically into the 21st century. Complete with automatic weapons and fashionable battle armour, it’s effectively a 14th century Kingsman. A barrage of high-octane chases, choreographed fight sequences and slow-motion arrow dodging will give even the most seasoned action fan something to shout about this Christmas. Ho ho ho. (Research Chris Coetsee) But Eggsy as Robin the Hood? I say! And you thought Errol Flynn in rather fetching tights was ‘diversity’.