Climax (18)


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French provocateur Gaspar Noé unleashes his most ‘accessible’ film to date: a dance horror hybrid that begins with pride and joy, and ends with terror and disorientation.

Opening on the delightful hooks of Cerrone’s Supernature (the pulsing rhythms of French disco and electronica are wonderfully woven into the narrative) and a one-take dance sequence that’ll leave you wanting to applaud, our troupe of performance artists are enjoying a post-rehearsal party the only way a group of performers can - with more dancing.

This bout of euphoria is cruelly interrupted when the homemade sangria, which someone has spiked with an hallucinogen, begins to take its warped hold. The film then takes a sharp turn in its second half as the group lose their minds and inhibitions. What was once heaven is now hell, and Noé captures the onscreen nightmare with a surprising amount of finesse; weaving and spinning the camera around the action as though you’re being given the guided tour of a demonic nightclub. This is the red velvet cake to Mamma Mia’s profiterole; a deliciously decadent descent into madness. (Jack Whiting) Sounds perfect, french to the core. Don’t dare miss.